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Whirling Dance

The whirling dance, as its name indicates, is a dance of gyration. It takes us, in a simple movement, inside ourselves, and helps us to find a powerful anchor, starting point to rich and constantly new experiences.
This dance, also called Sufi dance, comes from the tradition of the whirling dervishes. It can be experienced as a spiritual practice, as a time of listening and prayer, of connection to the divine in each of us. It connects us both to our interiority, our depth and to the vastness, the universe that encompasses us, others, the universal energy, the sacred and the magic of life that animates us…

Through this experience, we can explore the energy that inhabits us at a given moment, let ourselves be surprised, caught up in different facets of ourselves and travel in this dance so simple and so intense.

This practice is an invitation to let go, to let the energy within us do its thing and explore new territories and new sensations of ourselves.

The whirling Dance

  • allows us to develop a solid anchoring, both physically and in a more general way in our lives,
  • creates a state of awareness,
  • improves our sense of balance,
  • questions our ability to let go. 


The proposed workshops, lasting 2 hours, begin with a bodywork, to get in touch with oneself progressively and to prepare oneself for the movement.
This bodywork is followed by various anchoring and centering exercises in order to connect to the space, to the central axis of the body and to the different directions.
Once the contact to oneself and to the space is established, we progressively enter into the turn. This is how the spinning of the dance from our interiority can naturally come about.

The whirling dance comes from a tradition of great depth, Sufism, a mystical current of Islam. For our part, we will practice this dance with the intention of self-seeking independent of any religious belief or affiliation.


The workshops take place :

  • Every Monday in Valbonne
  • Every Friday in Kendreka


Information and registration with Audrey at 06 45 99 86 17.