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Attracted since childhood by artistic expression in all of its forms, I gradually intensified this quest through the body and movement.


My encounter with whirling dance opened up the possibility for me to let free and spontaneous movement emerge, and to let myself be surprised by an impulse coming from within.


I was thus able to give more space to the pleasure of movement.

My affinity with interiority, my personal quest, my search for meaning and intensity allowed me to enter directly into the depths of the different dance forms I explored afterwards.


Trance dance, whirling dance, free dance, dance of the 5 rhythms, expressiveness in tango are the practices that inspire me every day. I was able to benefit from the teachings of Annika Skattum, Marc Silvestre, Véronique Pioch and Yannick Laval.


Since then, I never stop discovering and rediscovering my dance, savouring it and inviting it into my life in many ways, letting it transform me or at least inhabit me.


The creation of the Kendreka Circles with Amaël has allowed to give its full dimension to the very special feeling that the simultaneous exchange of music and dance offers. This living dialogue maintains our attention and our presence in space, sharpens our sensitivity and intensifies our experience.


Share the dance is inviting to new paths, to look at the unexpected, to feel oneself in a new way, to discover one’s own worlds, and to give space to one’s imagination and possibilities.


It is from this place, between support and invitation to freedom, that I take you into the dance…


You can meet me  on all the upcoming dates.

Musical ambiance, songs and rythm ateliers