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Mouvement | Rythme | Impulse

Upcoming dates

30th Sept. -1st October 2023

at Kendreka (St Vallier de Thiey – 06)

28-29th October 2023

at Lyon (69)

20-22nd December 2023

at Kendreka (St Vallier de Thiey – 06)

24-25th February 2024

at Kendreka (St Vallier de Thiey – 06)

You want to organize a workshop ?

Kendreka Circles are an area where the worlds of body and sound intermingle. Spaces of encounter with rhythm, vibration and movement. Spaces where our free and spontaneous dance can express itself, carried by music created in the moment as a support to the experience of each one.

This unique practice is a rendezvous with the sacred within us, an experience to be nourished and renewed as a time out of time, at the heart of which our creative inspiration is expressed.


In Kendreka Circles, we allow rhythm and sound to be inscribed in our bodies through the movement of steps, rhythmic games and body percussion. We discover the magic of our spontaneous dance, supported by improvised singing and its vibrant presence. The music feeds the dance and the dance inspires the music, in a constant exchange of energy. A journey through the discovery of our different states of consciousness.


In all archaic traditions, dance and breath are privileged paths to connect with oneself and the sacred. Audrey and Amaël have been involved in this research for more than 20 years. In these Circles, they offer us the synthesis of their experience, opening a space of reconnection with the depth of our being.

Course of a workshop

Using different tools and techniques, each workshop takes us on an exploration of movement. A journey between awakening and anchoring times, body rhythm practices, free and guided dances, soft integration…


Approached in different ways, the propositions alternate between personal research, in pairs or shared in the circle …. They allow us to apprehend our body and our way of being alive, to connect with ourselves and to observe the evolution of our perceptions from the inside.


These encounters mark out our exploration path of the life that animates us, the joy of spontaneous movement, the quest for meaning and moments of deep connection with ourselves and with the sacred. In this way we can let ourselves go into states of trance, opening up to other forms of perception.



Unique placement where each one is at equal distance from the centre.


Unique placement where each one can see and hear one another.


Where the centre, empty and available, can reflect the nature of the energy.


Protective space for the dancer’s journey in search of the sacred.


Reflection on the Earth of the forms drawn by the stars in the Sky.


The whole universe pulses with life, expanding and contracting to its rhythm.


The tides ebb and flow, the day rises and sets.


Who can recognise these cycles in their body?


Breathing, heartbeat, moods, life ages, connect us to the universal.


To live a rhythm, to carry a pulse, is to come alive, to take our place,


As a small particle of a vibrating universe.


Dance as an expression of the life that inhabits me,

    dance as self-discovery,

    dance that informs me about my state of being.


Dance that surprises me, that moves me,

    that takes me to unexpected places.


Dance that moves my body

    that sets my potential in motion.


Dance that awakens me,

     that brings me into relationship,

     that allows me to approach others.