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Music and movement have always been part of my daily life. My childhood memories are filled with operas, music classes, concerts and music salons, but also martial arts practices in which I forged my feelings of the body and movement. 


My path naturally led me to deepen my knowledge of singing in various forms: opera singing with Marc Vento, classical Indian singing with Shri Hanuman, jazz improvised singing at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam and at the Berklee College of Music (Boston), circlesongs with Guillermo Rozenthuler (London), Gaël Aubrit and David Eskenazy… 


At the same time, I dive into other vibratory approaches: Systema, Nidra Yoga, Qigong and especially the Taoist tradition of Tuina Qigong which I studied for nine years in Beijing. Writing books also gives me time for inner reflection and creative expression.


Meeting Audrey and creating the Kendreka Circles opened up a way for me to unify these different aspects: voice, movement, energetics, physicality and spirituality, rhythm, instant composition and musical improvisation. Everything is there, everything is created in the moment and is transformed at every moment. This nourished practice opens me up to states of being that were previously unknown. 


Each circle nourishes my musical and rhythmic inspiration differently. It is a constantly renewed joy to accompany groups in these explorations in the heart of life.


You can meet me on all the upcoming dates.

Dance and corporal practices :